SundanceTV’s Hap & Leonard has added award-winning actors to its ranks for season three.

Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr. will join the series as recurring character Bacon, a veterinarian-turned-cook.

He will be joined by Corbin Bernsen (Psych) as Chief Cantuck, the foul-mouthed, morally ambiguous head of the Grovetown Police department, and Andrew Dice Clay as Sonny Knox, the town’s politically incorrect radio disc jockey.

Hap & Leonard is based on the books by Joe R. Lansdale and stars James Purefoy (Hap) and Michael K. Williams (Leonard) as two best friends who find themselves constantly caught up in the drama of their small southern town.

James Purefoy and Michael K. Williams star in SundanceTV’s Hap & Leonard. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

In Season 3, which is based on Lansdale’s third book The Two-Bear Mambo, when Florida Grange goes missing in the Klan-infested town of Grovetown, Hap and Leonard set out to find her. As the mystery unfolds, Hap and Leonard find themselves at odds with a cast of characters so tough they could chew the bumper off a pickup truck, including a possibly corrupt sheriff, and the leader of the Caucasian Knights. Set once again in East Texas, against an impending storm of Biblical proportions, Hap and Leonard scramble to locate Florida before the Klan locates them. The boys learn that the good guys don’t always win, and nobody beats Mother Nature.

Also appearing in season three are Laura Allen, Sydney Wease and Curtis Harding.

Hap & Leonard is set to premiere its third season in early 2018.

Source: Deadline

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