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‘Snowpiercer’ TV Show Has Entered Production

According to director Scott Derrickson, the Snowpiercer TNT TV show has finally gone into production. A picture on Derrickson’s Instagram is the only clue we have so far on the status of production.


The news on the show has been somewhat silent since May, when it was announced that TNT had secured Derrickson right after his work on Doctor Strange.

The director of the film, Bong Joon-ho, has been signed on as an executive producer of the show. The pilot episode is centered around “an ongoing mystery” that’s intended to unfold throughout the first season. The show also secured Josh Friedman of War of the Worlds and The Sarah Connor Chronicles to write the pilot.

The show takes place 7 years after the world has frozen over and the last of humanity is forced to live on a constantly-moving train. The conditions of train passengers is determined by their class, which ranges from impoverished, starving people to the lavish rich.

Source: CBR

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