Lewis Tan has been a recurring name in Geek conversation as of late. Many people were disappointed when he wasn’t chosen to play the live-action adaption of Danny Rand in the Netflix original Marvel series Iron Fist. He did make an appearance as Zhou Cheng in an episode but the missed opportunity, in some opinions, has caused many to campaign on his behalf to be cast in more roles as a prominent representation for the Asian community.

Well now we all can rejoice! Spoiler TV is reporting that Lewis has been cast in a recurring role for AMC’s original series Into The Badlands. The show has become extremely popular for its diverse cast and for setting the bar extremely high for the type of action scenes a network series can produce. 

Tan is said to be playing a character named Gaius Chou, the younger brother of Baron Chau played by Eleanor Matsuura. Gaius was imprisoned for freeing his sister’s cog slaves. In the upcoming season he will become a reluctant player in Baron Chau’s war against The Widow. 

Tan joins a roster of new and returning characters that include actors Sherman Augustus, Babou Ceesay, Ella-Rae Smith and Dean-Charles Chapman. Are you excited to see Lewis in the new season of Inti The Badlands? Shate your thoughts in the comments below.


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