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Flash Solo Script Completed, Studio Still Looking For Director

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to direct the adaptation of Andy Weir’s novel Artemis, for Fox. This means any discussion they may have had for the Flash solo film fell through.


Image via DC Comics

According to a Variety reporter, Justin Kroll, says a finished draft of the Flash script has been turned into the studio, and was written by Joby Harold. Harold was tasked with rewriting the script in January.

Robert Zemeckis is still in discussions to direct, but the studio is still searching for a director. Zemeckis has been in discussion since May.

At Comic-Con this year it was revealed the Flash solo film will follow the Flashpoint storyline. The film was set for a 2018 release date, and was pushed back to 2020. Plans for the film are still unclear, but a completed script is a good first step.

Source: Justin Kroll, Reporter for Variety.



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