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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cast Open to Musical Episode & More From #FXC17

With this week’s premiere of a new Star Trek television series in over a decade, we can now reveal a bit of what we learned about the new series when Space hosted the cast at a panel for Fan Expo Canada.

The cast spoke briefly about their characters, beginning with Sonequa Martin-Green on Commander Michael Burnham, Jason Isaacs on Captain Gabriel Lorca and Doug Jones as the Kelpian, Lieutenant Saru.

This was followed by an audience member who was cosplaying as a Klingon and was immediately noticed by the cast and panel hosts, which began a brief conversation (in Klingon, of course) with Kenneth Mitchell who portrays Kol. It was even complete with a Klingon battlecry at the end.

Star Trek Cast_FanExpo Canada

Star Trek: Discovery Cast (L to R: Paul Mitchell, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Shazad Latif, Jason Isaacs, Doug Jones & Sonequa Martin-Green) courtesy of B. Murphy

When the questions were opened up the audience, and the question of a musical Star Trek: Discovery episode was asked,  Anthony Rapp who plays Science Officer Paul Stamets replied, “When we were at San Diego Comic Con a few weeks ago, we were in this party car going from venue to venue and we broke out into spontaneous carpool karaoke, and we can sing in the cast! So, we should do a musical episode.”

The cast was also asked if they could be in one of the other Star Trek series, which would it it be? To which Isaacs easily replied, “Season two.” This got a huge wave of cheers and applause from the crowd and with positive first reactions to the new series, here’s hoping we will get a second season of Star Trek: Discovery.

Martin-Green ended the panel telling the crowd, “I really do believe in it – I hope we have fun together guys. I think we will!”

New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery will be available to stream on CBS: All Access or on television via Space (in Canada) Sunday nights at 8:30pm ET.

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