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Harley Quinn Will Not Appear on FOX’s ‘Gotham’

It has officially been declared that Harley Quinn will not be showing up on Gotham. And on only a few days before Harley Quinn Day no less. Earlier this week, Gotham’s showrunner John Stephens told fans that they should not expect to see the blonde supervillain stirring up trouble in the famous city. In an interview with CBR, Stephens point-blank stated that Harley would not be on the show despite viewers seeing many similarities between her and the character of Barbara Keane, and David Mazouz (the actor who plays young Bruce Wayne) saying that Harley was on her way to showing up in the show.

“It’s not going to happen. Let’s put it out there. The discussions we’ve been having is – Look, we know Harley Quinn is never going to be on our show. There are elements of that Harley Quinn personality that we have liked, that sense of fun and anarchy, that we said, ‘Well, we can actually have those qualities embodied in Barbara without actually having to do Harley herself.”


While this might seem like a shock to some, Stephens is pretty much just restating something he said at last year’s comic con which was that while there would be a “Harley Quinn-esque character” in the series, no one should expect for Harley Quinn to actually appear.

Now that it’s official (or been official depending on how you look at it), how do you feel knowing that Harley won’t be making an appearance on the show? Tell us what you think below!

Gotham season four is currently airing on FOX on with new episodes on Thursday nights at 8PM EST.


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