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Matthew Vaughn Refers to ‘Kingsman: Golden Circle’ Trailer Spoiler as “Stupidity”

Recently the director of Kingsman: Golden Circle, Matthew Vaughn, has discussed issues he had with the marketing for the film and how that is impacting the experience of the film. It seems as if Vaughn did not want to include Colin Firth’s Harry in the trailers. The marketing for the film included the character anyway. This directly spoiled a pretty big surprise of the film, something Vaughn is not happy about.

“Well, I’m not in charge of marketing. The thinking about that was stupidity, to be blunt. I begged the studio not to reveal it. Because it’s the whole driving force of the first act and if you didn’t know that scene it would’ve made the whole audience gasp. So you have to ask the lovely marketing guys because I think their job is to open the movie and don’t really care about the experience of the movie.”


I must agree with Vaughn. The film would have been much better served keeping such a pivotal moment of the plot unspoiled. I am here for Vaughn calling out the studio and the marketing campaign for the film. While they may have wanted to use Firth’s return to get more butts in seats, they may have also hurt the impact his return was meant to have.

Be your own judge, and go see Kingsman: Golden Circle in theaters now. While you’re at it, let us know if you think the trailer spoiler ruined it for you, or made it more worth your while. Tell us how you feel in the comments section below.

Source: IGN

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