Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ May Have Already Been Cancelled by ABC

When we first learned that Marvel’s royal family, the Inhumans would be part of the MCU as part of phase two, many were excited. However, it was a short-lived dream and last year, we learned that their appearance within the Marvel universe would be moved to television screens.

In a move that brought both ABC and IMAX together, the first two episodes of the new series debuted in IMAX at the beginning of September to less-than-stellar reviews and to little fanfare. The IMAX screenings underwhelmed with $1.5 million domestically and $2.6 million globally.

Now, it’s being reported that ABC may have already scrapped the show. According to Renew Cancel TV, rather than giving the series a chance for a second season, it’s already promoted the show to a full series – meaning this first season will be the complete show, with no future seasons to come.

Inhumans poster featuring Black Bolt, Medusa and Maximus (Courtesy of ABC/Marvel)

However, this could just mean that both ABC and Marvel are preparing whatever outcome from the show’s premiere and if the show does do well, perhaps their direction in keeping it as an eight episode limited-series could change. For now, it will be a waiting game for the ratings once the show has its debut.

What do you think of the possible cancellation of Marvel’s Inhumans? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

Inhumans is scheduled to premiere September 29 on ABC.

Sources: Renew Cancel TV & The Hollywood Reporter


1 comment on “Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ May Have Already Been Cancelled by ABC

  1. But don’t worry! I’m sure Scott Bucks career will be fine, as he is moved on to YET ANOTHER, MCU project that he can kill.


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