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Norman Reedus Talks Daryl Going Rogue in New Season of ‘The Walking Dead’

The new season of The Walking Dead is vastly approaching and after such an exhilarating and jaw-dropping seventh season, fans are anxiously waiting for the excitment to continue in season eight. Norman Reedus who plays Daryl in the popular series is a fan favorite of sorts and his character’s journey has been one to watch since the first season.

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While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Reedus gave a few tidbits on where his character will be once the new season premieres. Check out his response below:

“There’s no dilly-dallying with him. There’s no gray area right now with him. He’s on a mission to do one thing, and sometimes for the good of the group, you veer left a little bit, and he’s still veering right. So, like I said, he’s kind of going rogue a little bit in the beginning.”

Daryl has definitely had moments of going rogue but he’s also been a great asset when it comes to team-ups. Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple teased some new character team-ups for season 8. Reedus shed a little bit of light on that as well:

“There are definite teams now. People are going to be rooting for one team or the other, and it does have more kick to it than it did. I mean, season 7 was difficult. It was super hard for all of us. But in season 8, the gang’s back together, and it’s full blown right now. It’s A versus B. It’s your home team fighting your biggest rival, so there definitely will be cheerleaders.”

Reedus also commented on the new season’s plot synopsis and how it promises that the ‘good guys’ will be taking their world and show back:

“It’s very much unfinished business and when certain people are trying to plot the overall takeover or the overall battle, he’s on one direct mission. I mean, he was tortured last year. He wants his s— back, and he wants to have revenge, and he’s really not listening.”

Daryl’s character journey sounds promising, dark and extremely complex. It wil be intersting to see the type of decisions he makes in the new season in order to survive. What do you think of Reedus’ comments about season 8? Share your thoughts in the commens below.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

Season 8 of The Walking Dead premieres on October 22.

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