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Rumor Alert: Marvel Possibly Developing ‘Power Pack’ Film

Marvel Studios has no plans to slow down with several of its Cinematic Universe movies and TV shows currently in production.

Now it looks as though the entertainment giant may add another popular comic to its development slate. That Hashtag Show is citing an unnamed source that says Marvel is in the early process of developing a Power Pack movie.

power pack-feat

Source: That Hashtag Show

The Power Pack comic follows four young siblings who gain powers from a dying alien.  According to CBR, “Alex Power manipulates gravity, July has the gift of flight (leaving a rainbow trail in her wake), Jack can manipulate the mass of his body, and Katie can disintegrate objects and convert their energy into explosive blasts.”

The report also states that longtime Marvel Studios employee Jonathan Schwartz has executive oversight on the possible movie, which could be in the style of Spy Kids.

Once again, this is still an unconfirmed report, so it’s possible that these details could change as more information becomes available.

Are you interested in a Power Pack movie? Who would you cast as the young heroes?

Source: Comic Book Resources, That Hashtag Show

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