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Black Lightning Joins ‘Injustice 2’ in New Expansion Pack

DC’s plans for Black Lightning aren’t just limited to the upcoming CW TV series.

A new trailer for the company’s popular Injustice 2 game revealed that Black Lightning is one of the new characters included in a Fighter Pack 2 expansion.

According to Screen Rant, Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning is “a ‘premier skin’ – with his own design and voice – that players can place over Raiden, the God of Thunder from the Mortal Kombat franchise.”

Black Lightning is set to join The CW’s DC superhero lineup in 2018. The show follows Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) as he is forced to come out of retirement to protect his neighborhood and family from Tobias Whale.

In the clip Jefferson makes his big entrance by declaring, “You’re getting struck by Black Lightning.”

The new Injustice 2 expansion pack is available in October.

Source: Screen Rant

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