Barry and Iris Use Couples Therapy to Reunite in ‘The Flash’ Season Four

It’s been a long road to happiness for Barry Allen and Iris West on The CW’s The Flash.

After finally overcoming other relationships, weekly rogues and a possible future death, the two got engaged in season three’s musical episode Duet.

Unfortunately, Barry ended the season by sacrificing himself to the Speed Force to save Central City.

When the fourth season picks up, Iris is trying to honor Barry’s wish to move on, but when Barry comes back from the Speed Force, it won’t be an immediate happily ever after.

At Heroes & Villains Fan Fest New Jersey, Candice Patton explained how Barry and Iris will find their way back to each other.

“This season… we’re getting a little more light-hearted and funny,” she said. “Once he comes back from the Speed Force, Barry and Iris have to go to couples therapy and kind of work through those issues. So there’s some really funny stuff coming up.”

Barry and Iris will reunite with the rest of STAR Labs when The Flash’s fourth season premieres Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 8 pm.

Source: Comic Book



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