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Top 5 Ideas For IT Chapter Two (Spoilers)

Everyone knows Warner Bros. has plans to make an IT Chapter Two. Not only was the first film hugely successful critically, but it’s looking like it’s going to make big bank at the box office. And hey, there’s precedent for it in the book. So here, we’re going to dive into some ideas that I think would be dope to see in the inevitable IT sequel.


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In the book, twenty-seven years pass and we see the kids from the Losers’ Club as adults, leaving the city of Derry and completely having forgotten about their experience with Pennywise (with the exception of Mike Hanlon, who stays behind). They’re drawn back in when he returns and they are all forced to not only recall the instances of their first experience with IT, but to face IT again.

Without further ado, here are my top five ideas for the sequel:

  1. More Mike Hanlon

Mike has a bigger role in the book – he’s the team’s researcher, and fills them in with information on what’s going on with the history of Derry, and how children have a pattern of disappearing or going missing. In the 2017 adaptation, that role has been given to Ben Hanscom, who was given a slightly bigger role. Unfortunately, that left Mike out to dry.


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While I still enjoyed the film immensely, I can’t not acknowledge my annoyance at the filmmakers taking and reducing the role of the one black character on the group. Not only that, they took one of the smartest characters in the Losers’ Club and made him the brawn. While that gives him some pretty cool action with Pennywise in the film, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Since Mike is the one to stay behind in Derry, I would love it if he was the main character we follow in IT Chapter Two. He is the only one who remembers Pennywise. What would that have driven him to? Would he go down a darker path? Would he have any sort of mental illness or scarring from what happened to him, and would he constantly live in fear of Pennywise’s return? That would be not only extremely interesting to watch, but a meaty role for a Black actor. (I’m rooting for Chadwick Boseman!)

2. Anchor Pennywise

The 2017 version of IT really nails down Pennywise as an otherworldly creature, showing that he is a shapeshifter who takes the form of the things that fear you most. Bill Skarsgård pulls this off beautifully with a really terrifying performance. However, there is something missing. Tim Curry’s version of the horrifying clown had a lot more personality, and while I can sense some of that from Skarsgard’s Pennywise, I would love to learn more about him.


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IT Chapter Two is the perfect time to reveal what Pennywise truly is, while also giving him some more scenes to really flesh out and develop his character. What is he searching for? What does he want? Is he upset that the Losers’ Club got away from him the first time and that he didn’t get the chance to eat any of them? Is he going to have his revenge – and what will that revenge consist of? I’m excited to see Skarsgård delve into the mechanisms of the clown and what makes him tick.

3. Resolve the love triangle

The ending of IT really perfectly sets up an adorable love triangle between Bill, Beverly and Ben. SPOILERS for the miniseries/the adult portion of the book here if you don’t want to know, but in the book and miniseries, Bill is married to another woman as an adult – which leaves the perfect opportunity for Bev and Ben. I would love to see this triangle resolve itself, with a lot of angst and pining, please. As adults, what are the romantic dynamics between the three? Does anything change from the source material?


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4. What happened with Henry Bowers?

Henry fell into a well at the end of IT, seeming to be defeated, but anyone who knows the source material would know he’s not dead – he can’t be. What I would love to see happen is that somehow, Pennywise found him and took him – as a weapon to use against the Loser’s Club. In IT Chapter Two, we see an adult version of Henry tormenting and attacking the children, all while being manipulated by Pennywise. I think it would be great to see Henry as an adult, not only because the actor who plays him in the first film does a fantastic job, but because I’d love more information on his character.


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And, finally…

5. LGBT+ representation

I’m only mentioning this because there is an LGBT+ character in the book – Eddie Kaspbrack – who never got the opportunity to show that in the first film. Eddie’s fate is chilling and sad, and I won’t reveal it, but I would love to see an adult Eddie with a husband, maybe some kids, who is more comfortable with his sexuality and less fearful of his father and his religion. They did a wonderful job building up Eddie’s relationship with Judaism in the first film, but why was that a source of his fear? It was because of his sexuality. We should not only see that done in the film, but see it done respectfully of what it would actually be like.


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These are all my ideas for the IT sequel. What are some of your ideas? Let us know!

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