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‘Arrow’ Showrunner Teases New Costume, and Possibly New Character, for 2017 DCTV Crossover

Marc Guggenheim has certainly been busy these days. Within the past week, the Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow showrunner revealed that Arrow plans to tackle the Black Lives Matter movement in its superhero universe, and that Deathstroke will return to the show next season.

Now, Guggenheim has taken to Twitter to tease DC fans with more news for the Fall 2017 TV season. In the last few days, he has been tweeting cryptic messages and images related to this year’s Arrowverse Crossover, when characters from The Flash, Supergirl, and the rest of DC’s television properties on The CW join forces in an annual, multi-episode event.

One tweet in particular has caught fan interest recently, despite at first seeming rather innocuous – a picture of a dusty red face mask, which will be used during the Legends of Tomorrow portion of the crossover event.

Some fans are now speculating that the face mask may suggest the appearance of a classic DC character, Wesley Dodds. Also known as The Sandman, this retired vigilante was a member of the Justice Society of America during the early twentieth century. He is best remembered for his prophetic dreams and his strange costume, which includes a long trench, a sleeping gas gun (thus the moniker), and his WWI issued gas mask which protects him from his own weapon during use.

While the color of Guggenheim’s image is different from The Sandman’s original bright yellow mask, the similarities between the two designs are a little too close to totally dispute.


Source: DC Comics

Do you think The Sandman will be the new character introduced to the DC television universe? If so, what role do you think he’ll play in the upcoming DCTV crossover event? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Comic Book Movie

Featured Image Source: IGN

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