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Script Pages For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Reveal New Location, New Character

Fall is pretty much upon us which means it’s time for the return of many fall things like trees changing colors, state fairs, a sudden abundance of pumpkins being everywhere, and the return of Netflix favorite Stranger Things, just in time for Halloween.

Netflix dropped an official trailer for the season a little over a month ago and series creators Ross and Matt Duffer gave EW a sneak peek of the upcoming season that includes pages from an episode script. The pages also came with annotations from the brothers themselves revealing a new location as well as a description of a new character who we can expect to meet. The pages can be seen below:





1. “Our very first idea for season 2 was to introduce a local arcade (named The Palace, in a nod to WarGames!). We love board games but in truth have spent more time playing videogames (too much time, our mom might say), so we wanted to weave them into the fabric of the show. An added bonus: every game in the arcade worked, so we got to play between takes!”

2. Keith is a new character who works at The Palace.  He’s several years older than our boys, but he’s somehow less mature. The only thing he likes more than Cheetos is Nancy.”

3. We always try to make sure that — when faced with a dilemma — our boys have different perspectives and solutions. This makes for fun conflict and helps further define their characters. The problem they’re facing in this scene is not exactly life or death: Are they willing to hook Keith up with Nancy in exchange for Mad Max’s identity? We like that Mike stands up for Nancy here; he may be a jerk to her in person, but deep down, he’s very protective of his sister. We feel this is very typical sibling behavior. Not that we would know anything about that….”

4. The slang ‘wastoid’ became popular after The Breakfast Club, which was released February 1985, four months after our new season takes place. But it’s such a great insult that we couldn’t help but fudge history a bit here. It was also a fun way for us to tip our hat to the great John Hughes.”

5. “‘Focus our attention on Will’ is really a sign of things to come this season, as our main storyline centers on Will and his recovery. Just because Will was rescued from the Upside Down doesn’t mean he’s safe…”

Ya’ll ready for season two? Tell us your thoughts and comments below!

Season 2 of Stranger Things will be released in full on Netflix on Friday, October 27th.


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