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Meet @_gabrielpicolo and @cyarine, Two Artists to Look Out For This Year

I rarely come across artists out there, that aren’t under a major label, who catch me off guard with their skill. Usually I’m drawn (pun?) to the works of individuals who have worked on either the latest Batman comic or an Avengers installment. But I’ve stumbled across two artists recently whose work blow me away.

If you keep your nose to the ground via social media, you may have come across a dope picture of the Teen Titans where they’re not in costume: instead, wearing some cool linens.

Photo by Gabriel Picolo
Photo by Gabriel Picolo

These pictures were done by Gabriel Picolo (@_picolo), a dude from Brazil who is in the same vein as Annie Wu by making art that feels like it would have a full effect being read by neon light. The pictures in question however add a sense of innocence that fans wouldn’t normally associate with superheroes, which is a welcome change in this day and age.

When I first saw these pictures, I did what everyone does: retweeted it, smashed the follow button, and quietly sobbed because I lack a talent as good as this. As I clicked through more of Gabriel’s art I came across another artist, Laura Bowers aka “Cyarine” (@cyarine). Her art differs from Picolo’s because where his has a neon punk vibe to it, hers has a chill and mellow (with a slight edge) twang to it.

Photo by Cyarine
Photo by Cyarine

Laura comes from the Netherlands and has a blind cat named Bamboo. Much like Gabriel, I too hit that follow button and resented my hands for being good for nothing but typing (they kinda suck at that too). But, both of these artists are peeps I’d keep my eye on. While they are currently doing more personal works and commissions, I’d easily see them being under some umbrella in the near future.

Photo of Cyarin and Picolo

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