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Jon Hamm to Voice Boba Fett for ‘Star Wars’ Anniversary Audiobook

The 40th anniversary of Star Wars has brought a lot of celebrations and new details on the franchise.

A new book will shed light on some of the supporting characters of A New Hope.

From A Certain Point of View includes 40 stories by 40 authors highlighting many of the film’s background players.

Featured among these stories is Boba Fett. Narrating the audiobook version of this chapter will be Jon Hamm as the galaxy’s most famous bounty hunter.



In an email interview with, producer Aaron Blank discussed the audiobook’s all-star cast.

“This was a fun opportunity to do a full-cast Star Wars audiobook, which we’ve only been able to truly do thus far with Ian Doescher’s William Shakespeare’s Star Wars audiobooks because they’re written as plays,” said Blank. “We got lucky this time in From A Certain Point of View with all the multiple first person points of view.”

“In addition to multiple perspectives, short stories mean a small time commitment in the recording studio, and that enabled us to pursue some big names,” he continued. “We know some of these readers — like Jon Hamm (reading as Boba Fett) and Neil Patrick Harris (reading about an Imperial officer in the Death Star) — might not be available for an entire audiobook, but we were able to bring them on board for this project.”

Full audiobook cast:

Jonathan Davis
Ashley Eckstein
Janina Gavankar
Jon Hamm
Neil Patrick Harris
January LaVoy
Saskia Maarleveld
Carol Monda
Daniel José Older
Marc Thompson

Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View is available Oct. 3 on hardcover, eBook and audiobook.

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