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Jermaine Rivers Joins Cast for FOX’s ‘The Gifted’ as Marvel’s Shatter

We’re less than a month away from the premiere of The Gifted series and we’ve just received word that FOX will be adding a familiar Marvel favorite to the show: Shatter.

Shatter first popped up in Morlocks #1 back in 2002 and his abilities include an accelerated healing factor and the power to crystalize liquids into solids. Upon finding out he was a mutant, Shatter initially tried to commit suicide, but was unable due to the fact that his skin had become impenetrable and crystalline-like. His main weapon is a wooden baseball bat and is incredibly intelligent. The actor cast to play Shatter, Jermaine Rivers took to his Instagram to express his excitement of being cast and that post can be seen below.

The show centers around the Struckers, a family of four who were living an ordinary life until both of the children find out that they have mutant abilities, forcing all of them to uproot their lives and run from the government while joining a unground community of fellow mutants fighting to survive.

The most recent official trailer for The Gifted was released at Comic-Con and can be seen here.

Are ya’ll hype for The Gifted or are you going to let this one go? Let us know what ya’ll think in the comments down below!

The Gifted premieres on FOX on Monday,  October 2nd at 9PM/8PM CST.


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