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#SOTD: Miguel ft. Travis Scott- ‘Sky Walker’

Miguel is back in his glo with Travis Scott in their latest collab, “Sky Walker.” It can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

One great songwriting skill Miguel has always had is his ability make smooth music. I hate the trend of calling people “vibes” and “moods,” but Miguel is not only a whole vibe himself, he also consistently produces them. It’s no surprise that “Sky Walker” is all about giving a middle finger to the haters and living your best life. Travis Scott is a perfect fit because his music has a similar theme. He and Miguel have also collaborated previously on the remix of Miguel’s track “Waves.” He may be alluding to this familiar pairing in the chorus:

Cap and a stem, catch a wave on us

Take a shot, make a friend

Just enjoy the moment,

Luke Skywalkin’ on these haters

Celebrate everyday like birthday

Good things come to those who wait up

But don’t wait to jump in too long

Don’t sleep, you gotta stay up

My playlist is full of heartfelt ballads that tell of romance, love and heartbreak, so this is a wonderful palette cleanser for when I need a more upbeat mood setting. Just imagine pulling up to one of the last bonfires of the summer, and you hear the squad cracking a cold one with the boys to this song. It contributes greatly to a carefree and laid-back environment. One is reminded to take in all the good things life is offering you and not to invest energy, time and effort into the negative ones. Every moment has the potential to be the best moment of your life. His opening affirmation of “Quick to dead the bull like a Matador” has got to be one of the most classic bars in modern music history.

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