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New Ghost Rider Pop! Rides Funko Available For Pre-Order

Funko has made quite an impression with their collectible Pop! figures. The latest one is adorable as always, but this time it comes straight from Hell.

The newest addition to your collection will be Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze.

In the comics Johnny made a deal with the devil to save his father from cancer and became the Ghost Rider, a vengeful spirit who collects evil souls and sends them to Hell.


Source: CBR

The character appeared in two films played by Nicolas Cage and the less said about those the better.

The figure features the Ghost Rider on his flaming motorcycle, in demon form with his head on fire.

There are two versions of the Previews Exclusive figure available for $29.99: regular or glow in the dark. It can be pre-ordered now and is set to ship in October. Just in time for Halloween.

Will you add Ghost Rider to your Funko collection?

Source: Comic Book Resources


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