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‘It’ Has Largest Opening Ever for a Horror Movie

In the weeks leading up to its opening, audience buzz began to steadily build for the horror film It.

That excitement has translated into the biggest domestic horror opening ever. The film’s $123 million doubles the early projections of a $60 million opening.

The second adaptation of the Stephen King novel is the story of seven small town kids fighting the demonic Pennywise, who famously takes on the form of a scary clown.

It movie

Bill Skarsgard terrifies audiences as Pennywise in It. Source:

These numbers are even more impressive considering the film has a reported $35 million budget. Also, the movie has only opened in a few overseas markets, so It could become a real blockbuster, something rare in the horror genre.

As of this writing, It’s current $132 million puts it at fifth on the domestic list of R-rated horror movies. It will likely pass The Conjuring and The Blair Witch Project this weekend and move up to third.

It is currently playing in theaters.

What do you think It’s final box office will be?

Source: Screen Rant, Box Office Mojo

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