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Supergirl Takes on Bloodsport in Season 3’s Latest Promo

Superman villain Robert DuBois, who uses the alias Bloodsport, makes his Supergirl debut in an all new promo for the show’s upcoming third season. In the brief look, the Girl of Steel and a team at the DEO prepare to take him on. Check it out below:

As far as Superman lore is concerned, DuBois is a Vietnam War draft dodger who fled to Canada, while his brother served in his stead. The guilt leads DuBois on a psychological rollercoaster after his sibling returns from the war terribly dismembered. Taking advantage of DuBois’ weak mental state, Lex Luthor devises a plan to equip him with Kryptonite infused weapons capable of destroying the Man of Steel. DuBois’ mental instability ultimately botches Luthor’s plans, as DuBois begins believing he’s a war veteran and uses his new arsenal against innocent civilians to garner Superman’s attention.

How Bloodsport’s origins will translate to Supergirl is of interest, but has yet to receive specification. Details are likely to emerge soon enough, as the show’s third season begins airing on Monday, October 9.

What are you expecting of Bloodsport’s portrayal? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.


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