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‘Gotham’ Star David Mazouz Wants to Play Damian Wayne in the DCEU

For many fans, one of the best parts of Fox’s Gotham series is its star David Mazouz. With previous guest appearances on well-known shows like Criminal Minds and The Office, Mazouz has taken prime time by storm since 2014 with his compelling portrayal of a young Bruce Wayne.

While Mazouz will be kept busy for the next few months promoting Gotham’s upcoming fourth season, and maybe producing a fifth season if the show gets renewed, it looks like the up-and-coming actor has already set his sights on a new project for the future.

Lucky for us, he is still interested in exploring DC’s other entertainment properties. But next time around, Mazouz would like to play another iconic Wayne on the big screen – specifically Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s son and the current Robin to his father’s Dark Knight.

Wayne 3

Source: DC Comics

Mazouz took to social media earlier this week to shoot his shot for the role. After seeing an Instagram post that photoshopped his face on Robin fanart, Mazouz responded to the post on Twitter expressing his support. He also offered the campaign hashtag #davidfordamian to let his fans sound off.

Damian Wayne is a rather interesting choice for Mazouz to pivot to. For those unfamiliar with the character, Damian grew up under the tutelage of his mother, Talia al Ghul, and the deadly League of Assassins. While initially trained to follow in his grandfather Ra’s al Ghul’s footsteps and eventually become the leader of this villainous clan, Damian instead chose to join his father in the fight against evil as Robin.

However, in sharp contrast to his father, Damian had spent the entirety of his young life enmeshed in brutal violence and dubious morality. At the same time, the environment under which he was raised encouraged Damian to develop a severely arrogant and selfish personality… which, as you can imagine, caused a huge rift between father and son during the early stages of their relationship.

But since his rather unfortunate beginnings, Damian has been on a path of redemption and self-forgiveness for his past actions. Should Mazouz ever be in the running for the role in the DCEU, he would certainly have a vastly different emotional palette to explore as Bruce Wayne’s troubled son.

What do you think about the idea of Mazouz playing Damian Wayne? Do you think he could handle such a vastly different persona from his Gotham character? Or, would you prefer someone else to play a live-action Damian Wayne in the DCEU (perhaps a young actor of mixed Arab-Chinese descent considering that is his canon ethnicity)? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Meanwhile, the fourth season of Gotham is set to premiere on September 21, 2017.

Source: David Mazouz’s Official Twitter Page


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