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Colton Haynes Teases Roy’s Return in ‘Arrow’

It’s been a while since we last saw Roy Harper in Arrow, and while he’s been mentioned quite a lot and has appeared in a couple of episodes, like when Thea went to visit him in Monument Point or when he returned to Star City when he was blackmailed by The Calculator, he has been officially gone from the show since season four.

Season six is just around the corner, with Team Arrow facing new threats but they might not be entirely alone, as is a possibility that Roy could return to help them out.

According to actor Colton Haynes, answering a fan’s question regarding Roy’s status, he’s “coming back very soon”.

As we all know, “very soon” could mean a lot of different things, but as season six is approaching fast towards us, is very likely to asume we will be seeing him there. However, Haynes did not specified for how long we will be seeing Roy, wether is just an episode -like his pasts appearances- or if he’ll be joining Team Arrow as Arsenal for a little longer.

Whatever the answer to that question is, what’s for sure is that his appearance won’t be unnoticed, specially for Thea, his ex-girlfriend, and Slade Wilson, who still has unfinished business with Roy and is in a path of redemption at this point of the show.


Roy and Thea, courtesy of The CW.

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Arrow season six is set to hit our TVs this next October 12 on The CW.

Source: Colton Haynes

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