‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is the Highest Grossing Film Reboot of All Time

This weekend, Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted in China. The powerhouse market earned the film 1.5 million dollars in the Thursday preview showings, and 22.2 million dollars on opening day. The film had already earned 748 million worldwide heading into the China release. Projections for China show Spider-Man: Homecoming surpassing 800 million, and when it is all said and done closing in on 880 million, with a projected 120 million dollars earned in the Chinese market.


These numbers are huge. Comparatively, other MCU films have done around 125 to 150 million dollars. If the projections are correct, Spider-Man: Homecoming will become the second largest grossing Spider-Man film behind Spider-Man 3 which earned 891 million dollars worldwide. This would also be Sony’s third biggest release worldwide behind Spider-Man 3 and Skyfall.


While Spider-Man: Homecoming is climbing the ladder of Spider-Man films and Sony releases, the film has obtained the crown of highest grossing reboot of all time. With the 770 million dollars worldwide  it has earned thus far, it has passed The Amazing Spider-Man, Casino Royale, Man of Steel, and Star Trek.

Do you think Spider-Man: Homecoming is worthy of the high earnings? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Forbes


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