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Netflix Releases First Photos from Season 4 of ‘Black Mirror’

Though it is yet to have a release date, Season 4 of Black Mirror seems to be getting closer. Netflix has just released a couple of photos teasing two particular episodes. ‘Arkangel’ directed by Jodie Foster and ‘USS Callister’ directed by Toby Haynes. You can check out all Season 4 episode titles and who is set to be directing them in an earlier article, here.


‘Arkangel’ directed by Jodie Foster.

‘Arkangel’ appears to be an episode that is set to tackle the theme of hospital and medicine as it shows a small girl having a seemingly routine check-up. The mother looks concerned. Of course she may know as well as we do, there is bound to be a Black Mirroresque twist in there somewhere.


‘USS Callister’ directed by Toby Haynes.

The other picture shows a cast of characters in Star Trek formation. It may satirise the sci-fi franchise but in a show like Black Mirror it’s difficult to predict what direction they’ll be going in. The dangers of sci-fi technology? A commentary on the seemingly utopian sense of future that Star Trek sometimes exudes? We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think? Do these pictures peak your interest for Season 4?

Source: Variety

Black Mirror is expected to release late 2017, though it is without an official release date.

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