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‘Purge 4’ to Take Place on Staten Island During First Purge Ever

Don’t you just love the fall? The weather begins to change and all the scary movies are slowly but surely coming out to play. With a reboot to Stephen King’s IT on the horizon, what a time to be alive for a horror fan, right? Today we’ve been blessed with some details on one of the more recent horror/thriller film franchises, The Purge.

Director/writer James DeMonaco sat with Vulture recently to shed some light on what we can expect from the next installment that is said to have a 90% black cast (YEEEEEEEEEEES) and will be taking place in Staten Island. Although DeMonaco is handing over the director reigns to Gerard McMurray, he’s still involved and had this to say about the movie:

“People from Staten Island can easily go to Brooklyn for the evening, so what they do is start promising very decent sums of money for the very poor people in the neighborhood. It becomes a monetization of murder and violence, incentivizing killing and keeping people around for them to be victims. So you see the inception of how grotesque the idea of the Purge is, the manipulation upon the society. That’s where it becomes, sadly, I think, very topical right now with the current administration…”



I’ve been a fan of the series since its debut and DeMonaco’s comments definitely have me amped for the next movie! Back in 2013, DeMonaco hit the ground running with a new series that takes place in a world where murder and other heinous crimes are permitted for one night only. As the series began to grow with The Purge: Anarchy & The Purge: Election Night, the movies became more than just scary movies; the films tell the story about how the government and rich people (majority white) in power use this night as a means of population control. It’s an interesting concept I didn’t expect from the film.

You can catch The Purge: The Island  in theaters July 4, 2018!

Source: Vulture

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