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‘Arrow’ Showrunner Wants To Explore Black Lives Matter Movement in Season 6

Back in Season 5 of popular DC Comics show Arrow, the series got a bit political and tackled the tough, divisive topic of gun control in an episode called “Spectre Of The Gun”. During the episode, Oliver Queen was forced to tackle the issue after there was a shooting at City Hall and his role as Mayor became a little more important than donning is Green suit.

Now it seems as if the show is planning on getting a bit more political as Marc Guggenheim, the Arrow showrunner, has expressed interest in introducing more topical stories in Season 6 of the series.

Photo Courtesy of IGN

While speaking with Collider, Guggenheim explained that the gun control episode in Season 5 just served as an introduction to the popular series to do more topical episodes and how the Black Lives Matter movement inspired him to want to do an episode about police brutality. Of course, tackling such a topic can seem a bit controversial as fans of the series may have very passionate views that differ. So the question becomes; will the show take sides?

In the season 5 episode, the script explored both sides of the issue with characters Curtis and Rene being a voice to represent both sides of the gun control conversation. It would make sense that an episode about Black Lives Matter and police brutality would take the same approach. The show could even create a fictional activist group as to not ruffle too many feathers.

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What do you think GOC fam? Would you tune in to watch an episode like this? Are you or are you not a fan of shows writing episodes inspired by real life topics? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

SOURCE: Collider

Arrow Season 6 returns on Thursday, October 12th

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