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Square Enix’s Avengers Game Reportedly Online-Centric, Action Adventure

When Spider-Man was announced at PlayStation’s E3 2016 conference, it became clear that Marvel was serious about producing high-quality games. Earlier this year they doubled down on that initiative, revealing a partnership with Square Enix that would see Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics, and Deus Ex studio Eidos-Montréal working on the tentatively titled “The Avengers Project.” Information since the announcement and teaser has been scarce. However, new details seem to have emerged according to a NeoGAF leak (via IGN).

On NeoGAF, user Nirolak shared a job posting from Crystal Dynamics. The studio is in search of a Lead Level Designer “to develop fun and unique online experiences” for the “Avengers Project.” This position requires the knowledge of “the social implications of shared gameplay,” as well as experience leading a development team in building “various game modes and campaigns.”

Thor's Hammer the Avengers Project

Courtesy of Marvel/Square Enix

Additionally, Crystal intends to hire a Combat Systems Designer. A list of position requirements for this particular job title also places heavy emphasis on the game’s online component, while stating that combat systems will be built for a “3rd person cover based action adventure game.”

Given the heroes that make up the Avengers, it’s hard to imagine cover based mechanics. To an extent, though, a case could be made that Sucker Punch’s Infamous series has a cover system, despite the absence of the ability to stick to cover and a dedicated crouch button. That in mind, in addition to the apparent online oriented nature of the Avengers Project, a “Games as Service” experience with Infamous-like gameplay doesn’t sound farfetched. It may very well be Destiny in third-person.

Until Crystal Dynamics and/or Square Enix is ready to divulge more, there isn’t too much else to go on. What do you hope the Avengers Project shapes up to be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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