Ever since it was announced David Ayer (Fury, Suicide Squad) wasn’t going to return as director for the upcoming sequel of these bad guys, Warner Bros. had been on the search for a director.

Now, according to Variety, it seems like the wait is over, as Suicide Squad 2 has found its director.

We’re talking about Gavin O’Connor, whom is better known for films like Warrior, Jane got a Gun, Pride and glory among others. Apparently, he will be both directing and writing the ensemble sequel movie.


Suicide Squad appears to be of great importance at Warner as they seem to be looking for a 2019 release.

This won’t be the first time O’Connor works alongside Warner Bros., as his most recent film, The Accountant, was helmed by Warner and starred by a DCEU star, Ben Affleck.

Not more has been said about the film, but we’re eager to know your opinion and thoughts about this development in the comment section below.

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Currently, it is said that O’Connor is working in the sequel for the Accountant, but more to come soon.

Source: Variety

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