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Star Wars Rebels Final Season Release Date Announced

The fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels finally announced its release date.

Disney XD has announced that there will be an hour long season premiere on Monday, October 16th. reports that the final season will continue to have ties to the original Star Wars trilogy and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Check out the description below:

Season 4 picks up with the Ghost crew joining the Rebel Alliance to take on the Galactic Empire. The trailer teases a new Imperial threat arising on Lothal, which encourages Ezra to lead the crew back to his home world to take on the forces of Grand Admiral Thrawn as the Empire’s grip on the galaxy continues to grow and strengthen.

In addition to the release date, Disney XD has also dropped a new trailer for the upcoming final season.

The trailer reveals the previously confirmed appearance of X-Wings but also key plots on how the final season will end.

They were now treated to some tension regarding the ways of the Force between Ezra and his now-blind Jedi mentor Kanan, as well as a few callbacks to Rogue One via Saw Guerra, Mon Mothma and Grand Moff Tarkin mentioning Orson Krennic’s ‘Stardust’ project — which alludes to the Death Star.

Star Wars Rebels will premiere on Disney XD and the Disney XD App on Monday, October 16th.


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