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‘Power’ Season 4 Finale Recap: ‘You Can’t Fix This’

**WARNING! Spoilers below from season 4 of Power below!**

STARZ has one of the best shows on their roster in Courtney Kemp & 50 Cent’s Power; the show has never been one to hold back and they definitely came through with the come through. Last night’s season 4 finale, “You Can’t Fix This” gave viewers the sweet ending many were hoping for in the death of Raina’s killer, but left the door wide open for a whole mess of problems for the next season to come. I mean, it wouldn’t be Power if they didn’t leave us with a bunch of overwhelming emotions, right? Let’s chat friends.

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The finale picks up right where the last episode ends, in the wake of poor Raina’s (Donshea Hopkins) death. Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) recounts the traumatizing details of his twin sister’s death as he’s questioned by a police officer to the point of tears. When the officer pushed for more information, Tariq did what he’s done all season, lie. There’s a powerful scene here between Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) where the two characters allow themselves to break down in front of one another. Naturi deserves all the awards with her acting this season; she calls Ghost out on being self-centered and yells, “This isn’t just happening to you…you can’t fix this!”. He can’t fix it, but Ghost’ll settle for revenge on who he thinks killed his daughter, the Jiminez Cartel. I found it funny that Tasha finally calls Ghost out on being so self-centered when it was both her and Ghost’s selfishness and neglect to their children that brought them here. Another cool scene here as James and Tasha enters their home to family and friends and James walks to the closet and prepares to fully commit to being Ghost as he looks at a picture from the ceremony celebrating “James St. Patrick, wrongfully convicted clean businessman”. All season we’ve seen him try to run away from that or keep it hidden, and he had to for the sake of the case he was fighting but now it’s different. Now it’s time to avenge the death of his daughter.

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We see Tommy (Joseph Sikora) on the way to meet with his father, Tony Teresei’s (William Sadler) side of the family with the hopes of enlisting them to move the surplus of drugs he got from the Chicago connect. That is, until everybody’s favorite good guy/bad guy Kanan (50 Cent) pulls up accusing Tommy of putting the hit on him that we saw in the last episode. Kanan isn’t as dumb as 50 Cent makes him look sometimes so it didn’t take him long to figure out Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) was the one behind the hit and after taking Tommy’s crew from him, I’m sure Tommy’s more than willing to help take this man down.

Next, we catch up with Angela in her new position as Head of Criminal briefing her team on a new case. Saxe (Cooper Johnson) shows up late and in true Saxe fashion, informs Angela of Raina’s death in an attempt to throw her off knowing that the defense wants nothing to do with the now exonerated James St. Patrick. Angela still cares about Ghost though, so she looks into it and reaches out to Ghost as he’s on his way out the door to meet with Tommy to kill Raina’s alleged murderer. She begs him not to do anything illegal but we’re past that and Angela knows it. As Ghost & Tommy hit up their leads on the Jiminez, Tariq reaches out to his leads and begins looking for Ray Ray.

Ray Ray tells his cousin ( and Tariq’s little girlfriend) that the meeting went south and he had to kill Tariq’s sister in cold blood. The conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door from *cue drumroll* Angela! When Angela gets a hunch, there’s no letting it go. She inquires about Ray Ray’s visit to Tariq’s school looking for him. He spews out some weak excuse and the ball is rolling. It’s almost like a race to see who gets Ray Ray first.

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Tommy & Ghost go shake down the Torros Locos since they think he Jiminez had something to do with Raina’s death. Two dead bodies later and fans finally get the satisfaction of seeing Julio’s killer getting what he deserves. With his last breaths he sold out Dre and admitted to working with him to kill Julio. A rare moment of character swapping between Ghost and Tommy here as Ghost pulls the trigger before finding out anymore information proving Dre’s disloyalty. Ghost is only concerned about his daughter’s killer, the hell with anything else right now. Ghost leaves to plan his daughter’s funeral and Tommy looks for Dre only to find him talking to an undercover cop revealed to be Ray Ray.

Tasha’s side-dude and attorney, Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon), stops by to console her in her time of need and assures her that he’s here to help in any way he can while also spitting out “I love you”. What? Isn’t this the 3rd time you’ve seen her Silver? I guess. He notices Ghost’s absence and informs Tasha that if anything illegal is going on she needs to stop it. Little does he know, Tasha is in this deep just as much as Tommy and Ghost are.

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Meanwhile we catch up with Ghost making the arrangements for Raina’s funeral with a meeting at a church where Councilman Tate (Larenz Tate) and a pastor are looking to flip Raina’s death into a press conference that’ll benefit Tate and the pastor. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Tate stronghold Ghost into doing something. We see Ghost in a position we aren’t comfortable with but has been a trend as of late, powerless. I literally was yelling “does Tate know who he’s talking to!?” to the tv as the conversation occurred. Tate has now joined Dre on my list of people who need to die asap!

Kanan is setting up a crew to move in on Dre and learns that Raina has been killed. He puts two and two together and figures that since Tariq just called looking for Ray Ray, he must be the killer. Kanan calls up Tommy and gives him the information, proving that Dre has been undermining Tommy this whole time and who the true killer behind Raina’s death is Ray Ray and that he was looking for Tariq. FINALLY. Tommy busts down Ray Ray’s door only to find his cousin, Destiny there, terrified. Tommy uses her to get a location on Ray Ray and surprisingly doesn’t kill her. I’m here for this thinking Tommy we’re seeing in this episode. Tommy calls Tasha and informs her of the true killer and to keep an eye on Tariq. Tasha finds Tariq and her gun missing, it’s getting real folks.

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Tariq turns his savage up with the gun and interrogates Dre to get an address on Ray Ray’s location while Tommy gets it from Kanan and Tasha turns to Angela for help in pinging Tariq’s cell phone location. In the most suspenseful and of the show, the family all meet up at Ray Ray’s house one by one, Tariq first. Gun in hand, ready to finally be apart of the life he’s been asking for all season, he shoots the man who murdered his sister in cold blood. Tasha, Tommy & Ghost all get there in the nick of time to clean the murder scene up and get rid of the body. Tariq has become a man in this twisted world he’s now apart of. Tariq finally gets the answers he’s been searching for about his parents and uncle Tommy’s involvement in this lifestyle.

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In another amazing scene Tasha takes Tariq to the basement of their home to burn his clothes and gives him a talk, an honest talk that Tariq has been yearning for since last season. She tells him to scrub his hands clean, wash your body twice, don’t come out until you’re clean from this entire day. He says “I’m not sorry.” and Tasha replies, “I’m not either”. Such a great scene for this child to see his mother’s true colors while she still works to protect him. Tasha goes on to hire Silver as her lawyer for the death of Ray Ray, knowing that it’ll end their love life. Tasha doesn’t care though, she has always been about one thing and one thing only: protecting her family.

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One of the BEST moments of the entire series is seeing these three characters back in cahoots with each other. We’ve heard a lot about it but its the first time we’ve seen it on-screen and it’s almost like nostalgia. Our favorite characters are finally focused on taking down Dre, who killed Father Callahan and successfully set up the drug connection between his group and the Jiminez cartel. We still have Councilman Tate to worry about, Proctor and whatever he’s planning to do with that recording of Tommy committing murder, Angela and the district attorney’s office new witness who says she can ID James as Ghost and Tommy as an accomplice. Don’t forget about the bullet found at the crime scene that’ll for sure be back to haunt Tasha. Last but not least, how will this family be after all of these events settle? We’ll have to wait until next summer to find out.

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