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‘Justice League’ Funko Exclusive Reveals Alternative Mera Costume

The DCEU’s version of Mera has been shrouded in mystery since the reveal that Amber Head was cast to play the character. We’ve seen glimpses of the new Queen of Atlantis scattered across social media in what seems to be her standard dark green armor, but we’ve yet to see anything significantly leaked about her role in the cinematic universe’s upcoming films.

However, a new Funko Pop! Vinyl exclusive to Hot Topic has given us another teaser about what to expect from Mera in this year’s Justice League film.

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Source: Imgur

This alternative Mera costume features the Queen donning her previously seen headdress with a new red armor which, based on the similar gold detailing that crisscrosses around the suit, only deviates from her normal attire in color alone. The Justice League logo is clearly visible at the top, confirming that Mera will have at least two costumes during the upcoming November film.

Several news sites reporting this alternative costume have expressed concerns about her screen time in Justice League. We know she will be making a minor appearance, but how vast is her role in the film considering she will need two different sets of armor?

There’s a few interpretations we can make from the new Mera costume. For example, as we see in the Justice League trailer Aquaman dons at least three different outfits during the film: his dark green armor, civilian clothes when he’s with the League, and what can only be described as a nice pair of swim trunks when he’s just chilling in the water. Meanwhile, the glimpses we see of Mera have thus far all featured her in her dark green armor just as she’s emerging from some body of water.

It could be a marketing choice, of course, or it could suggest that while Aquaman is busy being Arthur Curry on land, Mera has been ruling Atlantis in his stead. So, the green armor is her “every day” royal attire around her subjects, while the red armor is for special occasions – perhaps for battle, since even the Themyscira Amazons will spend a significant time fighting during this film.

Some fans have also gone back to the character’s comic book history for clues about this red armor. The Lantern Corps will obviously appear in the DCEU, so a few people have speculated that Mera’s red armor signifies that she will appear as a deputy of the Red Lantern Corps a la the Blackest Night comic storyline.

Red Mera

Source: DC Comics, Blackest Night #6

Another explanation could be that Mera’s red armor is paying homage to her evil identical twin sister Hila, who goes by the villainous moniker Siren. She typically sports red armor and bright pink hair, as she did during her famous appearance in the Brightest Day comic storyline.


Source: DC Comics, Brightest Day #19

Of course, film executives could have requested the red armor because they think it’s badass. Only time will tell its exact purpose. But, at least to this reporter, it’s interesting that both fan theories somehow link Mera back to the major Lantern Corps storylines that were Blackest Night and Brightest Day… perhaps we’ll see the Lanterns sooner than we thought.

What do you think about Mera’s alternative armor? Do you think it’s a stylistic choice, or will it actually have some plot significance? Tell us your theories in the comments below!

Justice League is set to Unite the Seven on November 17, 2017.

Source: Imgur via Screen Rant


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