#SOTD: Girl Like You- Toro y Moi

If you’re one of those weird kids that love 80s music but need something fresh, like myself, then I highly recommend giving this song...

Hi, Hello, Hey it’s Dre and this ish right here is my first Song Of The Day! I couldn’t be more excited to have my first SOTD be on one of my favorite “new” artists Toro y Moi and his song “Girl Like You”. Now, I say “new” because this Black/Filipino Singer/Songwriter/Graphic Designer from Colombia, SC has been releasing music since 2009! Shoutout to Youtube My Mix for recognizing my recent interest in chillwave/vaporwave music.

Check out this jam here:





“Girl Like You” is the first single from his fifth studio album Boo Boo released June 9th, 2017, while the album itself was released July, 7th. What caught my attention was the song’s modern 80s Pop/R&B instrumentals, but when Toro y Moi’s soft and smooth vocals come in is where I really am (s)hooked! To me, this song is that feeling when you’ve just laid eyes on the bae of your dreams, that one person who ignites a swarm of butterflies in your stomach. This is the song your heart beats to when you find out that cutie in class likes geeky stuff just as much as you do. It’s a pure love that could last the rest of your life or fade away at the end of summer.

Still from “Girl Like You” music video

Toro y Moi aka Chaz Bear aka the artist formerly known as Chazwick Bundick, has stated his influence for the album Boo Boo were artists like Travis Scott, Daft Punk, Frank Ocean, and Gigi Mason, while his inspiration was an “identity crisis” due to his increasing popularity. He then turned to music “as a form of therapy” to help “cope with the pain”. Learning this really makes me appreciate Toro y Moi’s music even more because of how much I can relate, not that I’m famous (yet) but we all get that feeling of not knowing what to do at certain point in our lives and just feeling lost in the sauce we call life.

“I’m acting, playing quiet, smiling, without thought

‘Cause my world’s been turned inside out

Been gone quite a while”

This is one of, if not my favorite part of the song because it perfectly describes how I am when I see my crush. It’s when you’re all shy but trying to be cool at the same time, and you catch yourself still grinning even after they’ve left.

If you’re one of those weird kids that love 80s music but need something fresh, like myself, then I highly recommend giving this song, Boo Boo’s second single, “You and I”, and Toro y Moi’s entire discography a listen.

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Hey Hi Hello! I’m Dre, a writer for GOC, and going to college in North Carolina. I've been geek of color since birth. My favorite shows growing up were Spider-Man, X-Men: Evolution, & Justice League Unlimited. This set the foundation of my love for the medium of animation and dreams of being a Superhero. I realized I wasn't wearing spandex anytime soon, so I began creating my own heroes. It surprisingly took me another twelve years to read my first comic book, my freshman year in college. Hundreds of comics, hundreds of dollars, and dozens of new comic book movies/TV shows later, I've become fully immersed into the geek culture. After getting my Media Studies degree in next couple years, I plan to go to Hollywood and create diverse and hopefully inspiring characters for the next generation of geeks of color.

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