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Patty Jenkins Talks ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

Wonder Woman will definitely go down as one of the biggest blockbusters of this year when it’s all said and done. I mean, it’s the highest grossing superhero origin film with over $800M in box office earnings! Director Patty Jenkins set the bar high with Wonder Woman and gave the DCEU a breath of fresh air. Now, many are wondering what’s next to come for Princess Diana of Themyscira. Jenkins spoke with Entertainment Tonight to shed some light on the sequel.


Although Jenkins hasn’t officially signed on to direct the upcoming sequel (more than likely due to contract negotiations), she still talks as if she’s already began working on it. Here’s what she had to say about the progression of Wonder Woman between the sequel and its predecessor:

“The greatest thing about making this movie was the fact that you’re really building to the Wonder Woman that we all love, but not until the end of the movie. The most exciting thing about [the sequel] is literally seeing her loose in the world now, living those classic stories.”

Jenkins went on to say,

“Here’s Wonder Woman, and what can she do? It should be a totally different movie, but a grand and now full-blown Wonder Woman in the world.

It sounds lit! One of the best moments from Batman vs Superman was seeing the seasoned Wonder Woman battle in the present time. Now take that and the fact that this will be a post-Justice League Wonder Woman & I’m sold. Geoff Johns began working on the script for the sequel and reportedly has tapped Patty Jenkins to hash out some of te story details. I still have hope for you, DCEU!

Wonder Woman 2 is set to hit the big screen December 13, 2019. I know that’s too long so be sure to grab Wonder Woman‘s digital release, online now!

Source: ET

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