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New CW Seed Animated Series Features The Ray Fighting Nazis

The CW continues to add to its growing roster of superheroes with a new series on its CW Seed App.

Freedom Fighters: The Ray showcases Ray Terrill as a superhero who can use light based powers.

In the series, The Ray teams up with other Arrowverse heroes to fight the Reichsman, villainous Nazis who include familiar foes from other Earths.

The show is groundbreaking because it features a gay superhero leading the team.

Even with all these elements at play, executive producer Marc Guggenheim told TV Line that the series is “a classic story about a normal guy who gets superpowers, with all the complications and wish-fulfillment that entails.”

Guggenheim also noted that like all superheroes, “his obligations are a complication for his love life.”

The producer also discussed why the title is so important.

“It’s called Freedom Fighters: The Ray for a very specific reason, which is we knew we wanted to establish the Freedom Fighters and Earth-X,” he said. “In Multiversity, Grant Morrison came up with an idea we really responded to: The Freedom Fighters are made up of various minorities targeted by Nazis—women, gay men, Jews. We wanted to honor that idea. At the same time, it’s an origin story about the Earth-1 iteration of The Ray.”


Source: Collider

Among the evil versions of established Arrowverse characters the Freedom Fighters will have to defeat are The Flash, Green Arrow and Overgirl, the Earth-X version of Supergirl, voiced by Melissa Benoist.

“Melissa is so sweet, and so is her interpretation of Supergirl,” said Guggenheim. “It was fun to hear her voice records and see she’s capable of a darkness. I think she really enjoyed playing the bad guy for a bit!”

Joining The Ray to fight the Reichsman are Cisco, Mr. Terrific and Vixen.

Guggenheim has enjoyed getting to show different sides of the heroes on CW Seed.

“What’s been fun about the CW Seed series is, with each one, we’ve learned something new and been able to apply it to the next one,” he said. “So Vixen Season 2 is better than Season 1. And The Ray is stronger than Vixen Season 2. I’m thrilled with the way things are shaping up.”

Freedom Fighters: The Ray is set to debut on CW Seed this fall.

Will you watch Freedom Fighters? Do you want to see evil versions of your favorite heroes?

Source: Collider

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