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Amazon’s The Tick Renovates Refugee Center

Recently, there’s been some pretty bad news in the world, news revolving around hate, violence, bigotry, and racism. We’ve seen some of the worst traits of humanity in the last couple of weeks, and by the looks of it, there wasn’t much that people could really hope for.

However, there’s still good in parts of the world, and this social campaign proves it.

Tongal, an online platform that funds creative campaigns and connects people and businesses as a means for good, has joined Amazon to promote their new series The Tick, based around a fictional superhero whose been regarded as cult hit through the mediums of comics, a live- action series starring Patrick Warburton, a 1994 animated series and now an Amazon original series starring Peter Serafinowicz as the titular hero.

To promote the show, both Amazon and Tongal released a contest through social media with the hashtag #TickSaveMyCity to encourage people to submit videos describing a problem in their community so that “The Tick” could have an opportunity to try and save them.  

For this contest, Caleb Van Voorhis, from Charlotte, North Carolina, created a video submission about ourBRIDGE, a non-profit which strives to help refugee and immigrant families.


The video became one of the three finalists, as it was reviewed and chosen by members of the Amazon Prime Video partnership, Barry Josephson (Bones, Life as We Know it) and the star of the show, Griffin Newman (Vinyl, Search Party).

By winning the contest, ourBRIDGE, was renovated with equipment, furniture and school supplies for all the children the organization helps, complete with a makeover of the facilities,  a new garden, a mural and immense support via a small team of volunteer superheroes who dressed in blue outfits that resembled The Tick.


With these actions, not only have we proved that there is incredible power through forms of social media but that we can create awareness of social conflicts that aren’t always featured in “mainstream media”, and with retweets, likes and shares more and more people find out about what’s happening in the world, but we, as an audience, are also shown that there’s more than evil and hate within us.

In these times we are currently living, help others is the best we can do, and, believe it or not, social media has become more powerful than it has ever been since its conception.

What do you think about this news? Let us know in the comments below!

If you want to check more adventures featuring The Tick, be sure to check out his new series on Amazon, now available for streaming.


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