‘Maleficent’ Sequel Adds New Screenwriter

Disney has become heavily invested in making live action versions of its classic animated movies. The film that started this boom was 2014’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie.

Over the years a sequel for the movie has been discussed and now it seems as though its moving forward.

According to The Tracking Board, Jez Butterworth (Spectre, Edge of Tomorrow) has reportedly been hired to revise original screenwriter Linda Woolverton’s script.

Maleficent sleeping beauty
Maleficent has long been one of Disney’s most popular villains. Source: Disney War Wiki

The film explored the origin of Maleficent’s powers and why she placed the curse on the king and queen, with Jolie as the famous Sleeping Beauty villain. She was the hero of the movie and some die-hard fans of the character had a problem with the new take.

Despite the mixed reaction, Maleficent made $758.5 million worldwide and is Jolie’s highest grossing movie.

Jolie has expressed an interest in once again donning the signature horns, as long as the schedule doesn’t conflict with her other projects and humanitarian work.

Are you interested in a Maleficent follow-up?

Source: Screen Rant, Box Office Mojo


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