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Gerard Johnstone to Polish ‘Justice League Dark’ Script

Since Doug Liman stepped down from directing the live-action Justice League Dark adaptation, Warner Bros. has been rather slow in finding someone new to helm the film.

Geeks of Color recently reported that Daniel Espinosa and Gerard Johnstone were rumored frontrunners in the search, though it seemed nothing had come from these proposals at the time. Now, at least for one of these men, Warner Bros. has asked them to join in this project in a different capacity.

Specifically, Warner Bros. has just tapped Gerard Johnstone to review and revise the current draft of the Justice League Dark script.


Gerard Johnstone

Johnstone is an interesting choice for script revisions, given that he is still a bit young in professional cinematic experience. He is most well-known for his 2014 horror-comedy debut Housebound, which garnered near universal acclaim among critics. Meanwhile, he has worked as a director for several television series since 2008, such as The Jaquie Brown Diaries, Terry Teo and The Legend of Monkey.

We have few specific details on the film’s plot, but Johnstone’s inclusion may hint at a potential direction. The majority of Johnstone’s directorial work has been rather satirical, which could influence the superhero team’s dynamics and the situations they find themselves in. At the same time, he has a serious command of supernatural and violent horror, which is more in line with Justice League Dark’s comic history and themes.

Should he be skillful enough to insert a balance of these two tones to the script, Justice League Dark may provide the DCEU with a successful example of darkly humorous action and adventure.

How do you feel about Johnstone polishing this script – are you worried about his somewhat limited experience, or do you think he’ll offer the sort of fresh perspective that the DCEU needs to keep things interesting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Variety

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