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New God of War is the Franchise’s “Most Brutal” Entry

God of War is returning in glorious fashion thanks to Sony Santa Monica’s overhaul of the PlayStation classic. While the latest entry isn’t technically a reboot, a new and improved version of Kratos will be on display. The Ghost of Sparta is older now, and responsible for a young child, his son. With that, a more mature Kratos will emerge, which means he’ll probably be working on his chronic irritability. However, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment VP of Marketing Asad Qizilbash, this new title in the series is going to “the most brutal God of War ever.”

At the GameStop Expo (via DualShockers), Qizilbash applauded the “phenomenal” development team working on the game, and expressed his belief that people will be thrilled by the outcome. Thus far, the team, helmed by God of War veteran Cory Barlog, has been showing off early footage indicating they’re in “the right place.”

The acclaim is due in large part to the new direction the series is taking. God of War’s more personal narrative is a focal point that will be reflected in combat as well. Instead of Kratos taking on dozens of enemies at once, combat situations are to primarily feature one on one, or one versus two scenarios.

Close-quarters combat likely explains what seems to be the retirement of Kratos’ Blades of Chaos. His new weapon of choice, a Leviathan Axe, is confirmed to have been constructed by the dwarves who forged Thor’s hammer. Qizilbash also revealed the weapon can be upgraded, but whether the tier system will resemble upgrade trees in the series’ past remains to be seen.

God of War launches on PS4 in early 2018.

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