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‘AHS: Cult’ Showrunner Ryan Murphy Discusses New Season’s Political Theme

American Horror Story has continued to capture audiences since it’s first inception. The anthology series has become widely known for taking advantage of the anxiety that builds as fans wait to find out the theme for the upcoming season. Various online teasers and promo images helped jump start the promotion for the show’s seventh season until the official titled was revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, dubbing this season American Horror Story: Cult.


This past Friday, reporters attended a private screening to view the first three episodes of AHS: Cult whose theme is much more political this season. The very first episode starts off with the election of Donald Trump winning the Presidency. While speaking with THR, Murphy weighed in on the show’s political theme this season;

“The election is the jumping-off point of the show, but it’s really about the rise of a cult of personality. Part of being an artist is being able to write about the world you live in. But we’ve tried very carefully to be fair. We’re not burning people in effigy or anything extreme.We’re trying to understand how someone who is very charismatic in the culture can rise up and become a leader. We’re not going to say we hate Trump. What did Trump tap into? We’re interested in his rise and how that happened?”


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Murphy and the rest of the show’s creative team have received backlash from viewers for choosing to use a show created for entertainment to explore politics which many believe should remain separate. Murphy commented on the backlash as well:

“I do think politics has become entertainment, in a weird way. The great thing about a TV set is it can be turned on and off, if people don’t feel like they’re going to learn anything from it.”

He does have a point there. AHS: Cult will follow the opposing point of views of Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) and Kai Anderson (Evan Peters). Ally suffers from Coulrophobia, or the fear of clowns, as well as other phobias and the election will serve as a trigger for her. Peters will be playing this season’s cult leaders and be the representation of those who support Trump. Does this season sound like something you will tune in to watch? Let us know in the comments below. We want to hear your thoughts.


Amercian Horror Story: Cult premieres on September 5th on FX.

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