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COMICS: Darkhawk’s Solo One-Shot In Marvel Legacy Further Explained

In March of 1991, Darkhawk’s solo series (one of the most popular in that time) ended with its fiftieth issue and his tenure as a solo savior was seemingly placed into an intermission. Well, that was until now as within the confines of Marvel Legacy titles, we were granted a tease of Darkhawk #51, an expansion of his original series which will combine both the old fashioned street-level adventure with his the kooky, cosmos-hopping escapades in his more recent outings!

In an interview with Marvel, writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers talk about what the audience can expect from the series, especially with the more street-level scenarios that he faced in the earlier issues, like his “run-ins with crooked cops” (something which could easily be explored due to the current Socio-political climate) and exploring what his ideologies are since he is now in his “early-20’s” instead of being 15 like he was originally, and that Chris Powell will be “made into his own guy” as he faces a threat which utilizes the the classic “street-level Darkhawk stuff” and pulls the cosmic elements that Chris has faced “back into his life on Earth”

Sounds pretty great, huh? Let us know what you think about Darkhawk getting his own solo one-shot!

Darkhawk Biography: Chris Powell was an ordinary teenager who had a crooked cop as a father and with the assistance of a magical amulet that he discovered at an amusement park (which allowed him to trade places with an android crafted by extraterrestrials) he fought all forms of villainy in every corner and crevice of the Marvel universe.

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Source: Marvel


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  1. Yooo I remember Darkhawk had some dope moments when he was with the New Warriors too…ahhhh those good ol 90’s comics lol

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