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Shazam! Won’t Feature Digitally De-Aged Billy Batson

With one film in theaters, that just launched The Conjuring franchise to the $1B hallmark at the box office, and another beginning production soon, director David F. Sandberg is keeping busy. Needless to say, curiosity regarding progress on Shazam! continues to build and, thus far, Sandberg has obliged. There’s still no word on who will play the hero himself, and nothing has been said of casting details concerning Billy Batson, the young boy from which Shazam takes form.

In an interview with Collider, Sandberg has dismissed at least one possibility about how filling the roles of the film’s dual protagonists will be approached. When asked whether the technology that de-aged Anthony Hopkins in Westworld and Kurt Russell in GoTG Volume 2 was of any consideration, the director answered with the following:

“…I mean Kurt Russell in the latest Guardians was really well made I thought, but I think there’s a limit to it as well. You probably can’t do someone to be a kid. Why create that hassle for yourself?”

De-Aged Anthony Hopkins in Westworld Courtesy of HBO

De-Aged Anthony Hopkins in Westworld Courtesy of HBO

As expected, a child actor will very much be tapped to take on the role of Billy Batson. Who would you like to see play the character? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things would be a good fit…or throw a curb ball and get his co star Caleb McLauglin…those kids can act…

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