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Filming for Venom May Start Later Than Planned

While we do know that the upcoming Venom film will focus on the character’s horror roots and that he will face off against Carnage and possibly one other Symbiote, there are still some blanks about the film for fans like exactly how they plan on working the character into the timeline of the MCU. It was announced back in June that the movie would be shooting in both New York and in Atlanta and that filming would start at the beginning of September, but it seems like they will be getting a later start date than originally anticipated.

According to Omega underground, the production crew has been hiring all throughout Georgia’s capital city, but it’s unlikely that they will hit the September 1st start date they wanted, instead starting principal photography somewhere in the middle of the month with set photos and more casting announcements being released accordingly.

The Venom movie will be directed by John Carpenter and David Cronenberg and will star both Riz Ahemed and Tom Hardy with the later taking on the role of the titular character.

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