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Photographer Transforms Children With Disabilities into the Justice League

Everyone, wether they admit it or not, has dreamed of becoming a superhero in their childhood (or maybe not childhood per se), and even though for most of us it stayed as a dream, for this kids was something that came true for a day.

Josh Rossi, along his wife and costume designer Julie Whiteley, help disabled and seriously ill children to become the Justice League in an adorable and heartwarming photoshoot.

Rossi had previously been on the spotlight when he did a photoshoot of her daughter as Wonder Woman, and now has taken upon himself to honor the bravery, courage and positivity of six disabled and ill kids.

“They’re true superheroes, so I decided to do a series of photos turning their weaknesses into strengths” said the photographer to PEOPLE magazine “Ever since I turned my daughter into Wonder Woman, I’ve heard from parents of sick kids, wondering if I could do something similar for their sons and daughters. I’m thrilled to finally do it and show the world how inspiring and strong they are. I honestly feel that this is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

One can argue modern superhero movies are targeted for both children and adults (with movies R rated like Logan or Deadpool), and although in it’s origins they were popular among children, superheroes have always inspired all kinds of people to be better, to believe in positivity and, to some, they have provided a safe space in times of trouble.

Julie spent three weeks designing costumes for the kids, and after that, Rossi did a one-day photo shoot at McGrew Studios last month, with each one of the kids picked specifically for a superhero.

“The idea was to showcase their inner strength in a way that would bring a smile to their faces as well as others struggling with similar issues..” 

Every member of the Real Justice League shares an aspect with their comic counterpart, like Kayden Kinckle (aka Cyborg) who much like Cyborg had to use prosthetics in order to survive; Sofie Loftus, a young girl with great strength and determination, much like Diana Prince; Teagan Pettit, a boy who has a weakened heart, like Superman around Kryptonite; Mataese Manuma as Aquaman, who like Jason Momoa is a Polynesian decent; Zaiden Stolrow, a boy with ADHD who loves to run even though it gets him in trouble, same as Barry; and Simon Fullmer, a quirky strong boy who “never complains” and absolutely loves Batman and Bruce Wayne “because he is rich.”

If you want to know more about this kids and some way to help them, check Joss Rossi‘s website and the video down below.


The message of the photoshoot is truly inspirational and heartwarming, as the kids determination and strength in the face of adversity represents the very definition of what it means to be a superhero.

With Josh Rossi’s “Real Justice League” photoshoot, we are reminded why these characters exist in the first place, and why they remain vital and relevant in modern days.

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Source: Josh Rossi


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