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Overwatch Brings Changes to Mercy’s Gameplay

Mercy mains may be a little nervous with this newest developer update that has rolled out.  Specifically, major changes are to come for Mercy’s gameplay and abilities.

Firstly, the biggest change is that Mercy’s ultimate ability Resurrect will no longer be her ultimate.  That’s right, you read that correctly.  The ultimate that essentially defined the character is no longer the ultimate ability.  Worry not, though, because Mercy will still retain the ability to rez people; however, now she will resurrect one character at a time and the ability will have a cool-down period.

Now, her new ultimate ability is called Valkyrie.  What this essentially does is boost Mercy in all her abilities.  Her healing stream and damage boost can reach targets farther away as well as multiple targets at a time.  Her Guardian Angel where she flies will allow her to fly farther.  In regards to her Resurrect ability, that will have a shorter cool-down period.  For Battle Mercy mains, her gun will shoot faster and do more damage.  But most importantly, Valkyrie will allow Mercy to FLY.  “She can fly, and I don’t mean that she can Pharah-boost in the air briefly, I mean she can fly and it’s super fun,” Kaplan says.  “You have complete control of your character. After all, Mercy has those wings we might as well put them to real use. I mean, Guardian Angel’s pretty good, but imagine flying with Mercy, how much fun it could be.”

These changes are now in effect over at the PTR servers, allowing the Overwatch team to continue experimenting and observing how these changes will take effect in gameplay.

Kaplan also teased that the Overwatch team is looking into making some changes with, specifically her Defense Matrix.

You can watch the developer update featuring Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan below:

Source: Overwatch

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