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Marvel TV Working on ‘Jessica Jones’ Style Female Led Series, Developing More Comedy

Marvel TV is looking to expand its already strong small screen empire by developing a new female centric series with ABC.

At the Edinburgh International Television Festival Senior VP of Original Programming, Karim Zreik revealed several of the studio’s plans for its TV division.

First and foremost, Zreik discussed the plans for a “Jessica Jones-esque,” female-focused show. Zreik cited the success of Wonder Woman as inspiration for “younger girls to get into comic books.” However, Marvel doesn’t just want to cater to die-hard fans, he says they also need to “target everyone and bring in new fans.”

In addition to female friendly content, the comic book entertainment giant also wants to start producing more comedic TV.


New Warriors comes to Freeform in 2018. Source: Marvel

“Comedy is something we really want to go into,” said Zreik. “It took us time to dip our foot in the comedy pool because it has to be right.”

Marvel TV’s first comedy New Warriors is set to premiere on Freeform in 2018.

Despite his enthusiasm for more comedy, Zreik is clear that there are some genres the company will avoid.

“Marvel is never going to do an office comedy, you don’t need that,” said Zreik.

Even with all the studio’s success in TV, Zreik says the formula is actually very simple.

“If you don’t have a character the audience will relate to, you don’t have a show,” he said. “There are no super powers without a character.”

Upcoming Marvel TV premieres:

Inhumans – Friday, Sept. 29 at 9 pm on ABC

The Gifted – Monday, Oct. 2 at 9 pm on FOX

Runaways – Tuesday, Nov. 21 on Hulu

The Punisher– late 2017 on Netflix

Agents of SHIELD – late 2017 Fridays at 9 pm on ABC

Cloak & Dagger – 2018 on Freeform

New Warriors – 2018 on Freeform

Which Marvel TV series are you most excited about?


Source: Deadline

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