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Anna Diop Cast as Starfire in ‘Titans’ Live-Action Series

Following the announcement that up-and-coming actress Teagan Croft will play Raven in the upcoming DC live-action series Titans, a more familiar name has just been cast as one of the most incredibly beloved female characters in comics history.

In a surprise announcement this evening, it has been revealed that Anna Diop – known for her previous work on Everybody Hates Chris, Quantico and 24: Legacy – will play Starfire in the 2018 superhero show.

Starfire 1

Source: FOX Broadcasting Company

Written by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti, Titans will follow the titular group of young heroes as they branch out on their own. Along with Starfire and Raven, we know from recently released character breakdowns that other members in this fearless band of upstarts will include Beast Boy and Dick Grayson as their leader.

In her new role, Diop will portray an alien princess, Koriandr, who is seeking asylum on Earth from her warrior planet. Bestowed with powers of flight and super strength, as well as the iconic ability to shoot energy bolts from her hands, this character quickly rose to become a fan favorite due to her carefree, compassionate and assertive personality, as well as her prominent romance with Dick Grayson.

Starfire 2

Source: DC Comics

The fact that Starfire will be played by a black actress is an especially notable achievement for the upcoming DC show. Fans have often speculated that Starfire could be black based on how comic artists have drawn her throughout the years. The confirmation of this fact is a progressive step in the right direction for DC’s often cited and increasingly seen diversity initiatives.

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Titans is set to premiere sometime in 2018 on DC’s paid digital streaming service.

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