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James Gunn Hints At Introducing Richard Rider’s Nova into the MCU

The MCU has not been shy about expanding its roster of superheroes in recent years. Every new film opportunity is a doorway to introducing a new hero from the comicbook to general audiences and diehard fans on the big screen. Infinity War is said to bring together every major character that has ever appeared in the MCU so far, but the fun will never stop there.

During a Live Q&A on Facebook, a fan asked James Gunn if Marvel was considering introducing the hero Nova into the MCU. Specifically the original version of Nova, Richard Rider. Check out his response below:

Yes, definitely. You know Nova comes up occasionally as someone we might use. One of the things I’m doing with creating Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 will take place after the next two Avengers movies and it will help to set up the next ten, twenty years of Marvel movies. It’s going to really expand the cosmic universe. We’re gonna be setting up new characters — it will be the last movie of this version of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

His response is pretty vague but at least we know Nova is being considered. A few years ago, Gunn was asked the same question and said that there was no place for Nova in the current MCU but it seems like he and the Marvel head honchos are changing their tune.


Photo Courtesy of Marvel Database

If you are unfamiliar with Richard Rider, here’s a brief summary. In the comics, after a Nova Corps soldier named Rhomann Dey crashed onto Earth as the last surviving member of the Nova Corps. He comes into contact with a student in New York named Richard Rider. Richard is given Rhomann’s uniform and cosmic powers, and the boy eventually adopts the moniker Nova to protect Earth.

Once Phase Three comes to an end and with the reports that some Avengers main players won’t be around after the big battle with Thanos, we will definitely need some new faces in the MCU and Nova seems like the perfect hero to introduce to audiences in the future. What do you think GOC fam? Do you want to see Nova come into the MCU? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Facebook

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is now available on Blu-Ray, Digital HD and 4K UHD.

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