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Fiona The Baby Hippo Is Getting Her Own Show

Back in January 24, everyone fell in love with a baby hippo named Fiona, born six weeks premature in the Cincinnati Zoo, in Ohio. Right after her birth, the zoo began to chronicle her life, through social media and a blog, as she became healthier and stronger.

Fiona quickly became an internet sensation, with videos of her in the water, pictures and little updates about her status, and she deserves it, just look at this little star:


Now, the Cincinnati Zoo announced through Twitter that Fiona is getting her own show, called “The Fiona Show”, that will premiere on Facebook Live.

No word on how many episodes or with what frequency are they going to be published, but everything will be post through the Official Facebook Site The Fiona Show Facebook page.

According to the trailer, the show will be “an inspirational story of survival, of love, of struggle, of joy and of hope”.

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The first episode is set to air next Tuesday, August 29 on Facebook Live, through the official page.

Source: The Fiona Show

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